Jill Didur

Dr.  Jill Didur is the Principle Investigator of “Greening Narrative: Locative Media in Globalized Environments” (SSHRC Insight Grant, $387 000,  2014-2020). She is a Professor in the Department of English at Concordia University. Her current research interests include media studies, postcolonial studies, globalization, and the environmental humanities. She is the co-editor of Globalization and the Environmental Humanities: Postcolonial Approaches (Routledge 2015).


Lai-Tze Fan

Dr. Lai-Tze Fan is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for “Greening Narrative.” She holds a PhD in Communication & Culture from York University and Ryerson University (2016). Fan’s research interests include intermediality, media materiality, media history, narratology, and issues of material sustainability; she examines these topics through the lenses of media archaeology and the digital humanities.


Emma Saboureau

Emma Saboureau is completing her B.Sc. at Concordia, majoring in Computer Science/Computational Arts. She is the lead programmer for the Global Urban Wilds project.


Eric Powell

Eric Powell is a PhD candidate, artist and researcher in the Communications Department at Concordia University. He is currently working on a series of projects which examine the interrelationships among space, place, and aural environments with a focus on creating interactive sound-based mappings  and digital interfaces that challenge the ways in which we hear the sounds of the world around us. His research is funded by SSHRC, and has been heard around the world, with recent presentations in Finland, Hong Kong and Mexico. He  is the lead sound specialist for the Global Urban Wilds project.

Beverley Didur

Beverley Didur is a visual artist living in Toronto. Her artwork is featured in the MisGuide for Alpine Plants and Global Urban Wilds.

Ariane Legault

Ariane Legault is an MA student in the English Department, Concordia University. She is currently working on a major research paper on globalization and celebrity environmental activism.