Fall 2020 Update: Jill Didur will be presenting an artist’s talk on her locative media application, Global Urban Wilds, at the upcoming ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art): Why Sentience? conference, October 13 – 18, 2020. Official conference schedule pending.

The latest research creation project of Greening Narratives is called Global Urban Wilds.

By creating a locative media application that can be used in an “urban wild”—a natural landscape space that is preserved within a city—this project-in-development challenges app users and Montréal inhabitants to think about how things can grow amidst pollution, destruction, and industry.

The app is situated in the Champ des Possibles, an urban wild that is located in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montréal and that is protected by the Amis du Champ (website in French). Drawing from the diverse history of the space–from its ownership by the Canadian Pacific Railway, to its surrounding communities and cultures that include the Carmelite Nuns and a textile district, Global Urban Wilds begins to critically juxtapose the futuristic urban with the conserved natural, incorporating into this negotiation the digital tools and narrative methods through which such stories may be told.

See the white paper article at Media Theory Journal: http://mediatheoryjournal.org/jill-didur-lai-tze-fan-between-landscape-and-the-screen/

Photos of the Champ des Possibles and the developing stages of the project: